Our Story

“You know what ticks me off?” – This was the most heard of question in our office from our Founder Ken Gulliver.

As a former Financial Advisor, he felt as though there was no CRM available to help run his RIA firm efficiently. Out of disappointment with existing CRMs that were non-integrated, lacked document management and had no financial or planning capabilities; Ken wanted to help his peers and he thought it was time to do something about it.

So, he created Ugru! A full featured integrated CRM with all the tools a financial advisor would need to run their practice.

The company was named, “Ugru,” like you grew your business! That’s what we are all about--helping advisors like you to build and grow your practice. A team of innovators, dreamers and persistent doers. - “Anything is possible” – that’s what our lead programmer constantly says and to that statement, we hang our hats.

The UGRU Management Team