UGRU CRM Product Overview - Best CRM and Financial Planning Software

Best Financial Planning Software

UGRU is the #1 CRM Financial Practice Management Suite & is the Best CRM Financial Planning software. It is a full featured, integrated financial CRM with sales force automation including contact management, sales forecasting, and sales pipeline management.

Marketing automation includes mass email, drip campaigns, campaign analytics, and workflow automation. The built-in, full-featured accounting includes invoicing and a financial dashboard. A collaborative, employee centric Operations Library is included, along with the best financial planning.

Here’s why you should consider UGRU as the BEST CRM Financial Planning software

  1. Full featured, Integrated Financial CRM
  2. Sales Force Automation – for contact & account management
  3. Marketing Automation – to get & retain more clients
  4. Accounting & Operations – integrates the entire business
  5. The BEST Financial Planning Software
  6. Price Performance Leader – MUCH less than the combined apps it replaces