UGRU CRM Software vs Zoho

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Advisor Pro
CRM Plus
 Territory Management
 Interaction Tracking
 Task Management
 Email Segregation
 Call Segregation
 Task Segregation
 Past Due Segregation
 Today/Tomorrow/Week Segregation
 Lead Only
 By Importance
 Assign Task to Calendar
 Task Search
 Users Can Play Multiple Roles
 Data Management
 Duplication Recognition
 Import Mapping
 Mass Import
 Mass Export
 Granular Search Filter
 Saved Searches
 Customizable Data Fields
 Convert Individual File to Entity (One Click)
 Change Primary to Spouse (One Click)
 Contact Tagging System
 Lead Management
 Lead Source
 Lead Web Capture
 Lead Routing
 Mass Reassignment
 Lead Referral Tracking
 Lead Segmentation
 On Demand Call Scripts
 Team Selling
 Pipeline Management
 Quote Generator
 Proposal Generator
 Joint Lead Management
 Built-in email Included
 Integrated with Outlook
 Mass email Included
 MASS Emails per Batch (over 20k per day)
 View emails through CRM
 Keep Existing email
 Email Saved for Audits
 Red Flag word search
 Email and Mail merge wizards
 Design Editor
 Encryption Strength - A+
 Security Headers A or B
 Secure Offsite Data Storage
 Backup and Disater Recovery
 Redundant Locations
Financial Planning
 Third Party Integrations
 Goal-Based Planning
 Needs Analysis
 Advisor Analytics
 Cash Flow Planning
 Estate Planning
 Advanced Planning
 Investment Planning
 Retirement Income
 Decision Center (Recommends)
 Market Dynamics
 Liquid Asset Priority
 Destination Trax
 Reverse Mortgage
 Mortgage Acceleration
 Roth Ira Conversion
 Guaranteed Income Benefit
 Term Life/LTC Calculator
 Fixed Asset Reallocation
 Advisor Branded Media
 Native CRM Integration
 Allows for Pre-Retirement Cash Flow Planning
 Integration with Account Aggregation
 Accounts for Budgeting of Replacement Costs
 Built-in Budgeting and Cash Flow
 Ability to Adjust Life Premiums/Face Values in any Year
 Total Control over Printing
 Ability to Perform any and all Advanced "What-If" Scenarios
 Input Spousal Data Separately
 Ability to set Client and Spouse Retirement Dates Independently
 Ability to set independent SS start years for client and spouse
 Ability to control withdrawals using 70.5 required minimum distributions
 Ability to control withdrawals using 72t Distributions
 Investment Account Payout Method Control
 Reverse Mortgage tools displays either amount needed to fund or surplus
 Reverse Mortgage tool allows for surplus reinvestment into existing account
 Ability to plan Reverse Mortgages years into the future of the plan
 Ability to spread tax bill of Roth conversion over multiple years
 Ability to start and stop asset withdrawals in any year
 Ability to start a new asset in any year, even after retirement
 Ability to set tax inclusion rate on each asset separately
 Report that aggregates asset withdrawal taxes in every year
 Ability to set unique RoR on each asset
 Assets listed w/Data (values, years utilized, contributions, RoR, taxes etc...)
 Ability to account for dividend rates
 Ability to account for turnover rates
 Tests for short and long term cap gains taxes within one account
 Accounts for transaction costs per year and transaction frequency
 Account Distribution auto calculates withdrawal limits and distribution penalties
 Annuity Planning allows for premium bonuses, GIB return, and exclusion ratios
 Ability to Account for Fixed Assets (D.B. Pension Plans/Annuitized Annuities)
 Control Over Pensions Between the Two Spouses Separately
 Ability to Set an Annual COLA Rate for Fixed Assets
 Ability to Have Pensions and Other Assets Pay a Death Benefit to Cash Flow
 Displays When You'll Probably Run Out of Money (AKA "Gap funding")
 Multiple Layers of Annual Inflation of Income and Expense
 Displays Life Expectancy Using IRS Unisex Mortality Tables
 Displays Total Current Value of Assets and Annual Contributions
 Accounts for Any and All Types of Assets
 Displays Assets Needed After Non-asset Incomes are Accounted For
 Comes With a Detailed Fact Finders for Gathering Data From Clients
 Comprehensive Training that Shows Users how to Do Everything
 Ability to Save Hard Copies of a Plan to Hard Drive
Business Management
 Unlimited Bank Accounts
 Reports to Dashboard
 Record/Process Accounting Transactions
 Accounts Payable/Receivable
 General Ledger, P&L and Balance Sheet
 Purchase Order
 Query, reconcile, drilldown, journal, timesheet
 Permissions Based
 Workflow Management
 Linear workflows
 "If, Then" Logic Workflows
 Trigger Automation
 "Jump to" Tasks
 Workflow Task Synced to Calendar
 Pre-Built Workflows
 Operation Templates
 Staff Acquisition
 Staff Maintenance
 Staff Termination
 Client Acquisition
 Client Maintenance
 Client Termination
 Vendor/Partner Acquistion
 Vendor/Partner Maintenance
 Vendor/Partner Termination
 Document Management
 Total Storage Greater than 5 GB/user
 File Size up to 50 MB
 Permissions Based
 Thumbnail View
 W.O.R.M. (Write Once Read Many)
 File Collaboration
 Audio Formats
 Video Formats
 Image Formats
 Doc Formats
 PDF Formats
 Excel Formats
 PPT Formats
 Operations Library
 Tagging Codes
 Tagging Code List
 Tagging Code Search
 Tagging Code Manager
 Email Manager
 Document Manager
 Scripts Manager
 Collateral - Templates
 Human Resources
 Employee Handbook Template
 Staff Aqcuisition email/doc templates
 Staff Maintenance email/doc templates
 Staff Termination email/doc templates
 Group Calendar
 Calendar invite via email
 Internal Communications
 Business Planning
 Pro forma Builder
 Communicates with CRM
 Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
 Real Time
 Sales Forecasting
 User Activity
 Standard Reports
 Custom Reports
 Email Analytics
 Crystal Reports
 Email Reports
 Report Export
 Campaign ROI Reporting
Mobile Functionality
 Calendar invite via email
 Client File Data
Internet Access
 Client Portal
 Apple iOS
 1 on 1 Training
 Business Hours support
 eDocument Migration
 eMail Set up
 File Migration
 Free Demo
 Live Chat support
 On Demand Training Video
 Service Level Agreement (SLA)
 Training Video Library
 Training Webinar
 Zapier App Integrations
Partner Relationship Mngmt (PRM)